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2020 Plans


$225.75 + Tax = $241.55

Individual Senior

$194.25 + Tax = $207.85

* must be 55 or older

Couple Senior

$336.00 + Tax = $359.52

* must be 55 or older

Family* (3+ members)*

$651.00 + Tax = $696.57

10 Pack guest passes $85 + tax (may be purchased by paid in full members only), or $10 a day.

Any family membership paid in full

by Opening Day will receive:

  • 4 free Guest passes


Any individual or senior membership paid in full by Opening Day will receive:

  • 2 free Guest pass

Guest fee $10/day; $7 after 5 PM. Friendship Day guest fee is $8 all day


*For membership purposes, a family unit is defined as a husband and wife (or couple) and their unmarried children 21 years of age and younger who all reside in the same dwelling, or a single parent and that parent’s children 21 years of age and younger who reside in the same dwelling.  Members who have legal custody of a child or children qualify for family membership as long as all live in the same dwelling.

Exceptions:  Adults of any age with permanent disabilities may qualify for family membership status under their parent(s) membership. 

Adopted by Board on November 17, 2014


(513) 471-2280 (Memorial Day-Labor Day)

(513) 325-4647 (off season)

Check the Membership Guidelines first. Then use the form below to send a membership request.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as a new or returning member!

Payment Options:

Credit Cards: We now accept payments by Visa, Master Card, Discover and Venmo (Philipps Swim Club).

Full Pay: Of course we also always accept (and appreciate) advance payments in full by Cash, Check or Money order!

Click on the payment plan application below for more information or call Chris Stutzman at 513-708-9538.

Questions regarding membership please contact Cathy Glatt (cathy.glatt@yahoo.com) or Chrissy Miller (miller5@zoomtown.com).

Registration Form

Click here for the payment plan application.

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